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We have had our home garden for 6 years now. Living in Western PA, we have always struggled with proper soil conditions and subsequent yield on our vegetable plants. This past growing season we tried Nature’s Wonder, which gave us the boost our garden needed. We harvested bigger tomatoes, and more peppers and kale than we could keep up with! We will not plant anything in the future without missing this essential step in conditioning our soil with Nature’s Wonder!
— D. & L. Hinish, Pittsburg, PA
I highly recommend this product. After applying to my houseplants, they all sprouted new growth and had richer color. It was very easy to use and I look forward to using it this spring on my outdoor flowers and plants.
— T. Bollman, Milford, IN
I purchased 35 Feather Reed Grass (aka Karl Foerster) for our new home’s fence line. The fence is our neighbor’s and not very nice looking. The plants were approximately 6 inches high, but I was told the grasses would grow 5-6 feet. Unfortunately, the soil was rocky and hard as clay so digging the holes was difficult, but with the help of my son I was able to get them in the “dirt”. They hardly grew that first Spring/Summer. The following Spring I was given Nature’s Wonder Plant & Turf Booster to try and was amazed at the results. Not only did the grasses grow to 5 feet during that Summer, they filled out in width and the plumes were beautiful in the Fall. The product was easy to use. Thank you for a super product!”
— K. Tully
Sprayed garden as directed and have many small tomatoes on my plants. Cucumbers are really doing well with many small cakes. Best garden I have ever had.
— S. Vernon, Pittsburg, PA
Nature’s Wonder is just an amazing product. For the past 3 years my garden has just not produced any harvest. The tomato plants flowered but produced small and few tomatoes. All plants looked weak even though I would fertilize. This year, because I started last fall to apply Nature’s Wonder according to directions every month, my plants are just amazingly strong and have many blossoms. My green onions are giant sized and every tomato plant is just teeming with blooms and small tomatoes. I am a believer!
— R. Jackanic, Bethel Park, PA
This year for the first time my family decided to grow pumpkins. About 12 weeks into our project we noticed it wasn’t doing so well so we gave it a boost of Nature’s Wonder. Your product was the new “miracle drug”! The vines took over both porches, climbed the magnolia tree and netted 5 pumpkins from 1 seed. Even though it blocked access to our porch (lol) it was worth it to watch it grow. Thank you for a wonderful product. We are looking forward to trying a real garden next year. We will keep you posted!
— T. Toscani, Moorestown, NJ
I received this test product late in the growing season in my area- Zone 7- and applied it immediately to annuals, perennials, shrubs, and house plants. In this short timeframe, all of the above items have shown new vigor, increased flowers, and stronger, greener plants. It was amazing how quickly the vegetation and blooms went from Ho-Hum end of summer doldrums to almost a Spring-like vitality including additional vibrant growth and more blooms. And although we have had several freezing and near-freezing nights, the plants have stood strong and continue to bloom.
— S. Petree